The Sim

The current year is 2163. At the conclusion of the Earth/Romulan War two years ago, the former Coalition of Planets gave birth to a new entity: The United Federation of Planets. Unlike the Coalition -- which was more or less a mutual defense pact -- the UFP is a political union under a common democratically elected government and a Constitution with numerous guaranteed civil liberties.

Since the signing of the Armistice, the Romulan side of the border has remained suspiciously quiet. There have literally been no ships detected within five light years of the Neutral Zone since the Romulans withdrew their forces from Coalition space. Presumably, they are doing one of two things: either they are quietly gathering ships and resources to launch another attack, or they are simply ignoring the Federation border and concentrating on expanding their Empire in the Beta Quadrant. Either way, the Federation is in the process of constructing listening posts along the Neutral Zone to keep a watchful eye on their sulking former adversary.

The Klingon Empire has taken a more aggressive posture toward the UFP. Since there is no neutral zone acting as a buffer between the two powers, there ate confrontations occurring with much greater frequency. The Klingon vessels have distinct advantages, though -- they care little for exploration and science, so their vessels are much more heavily armed and are generally faster. But while the Klingons favor brute force and tactical engagement, the UFP prefers diplomacy. Klingon piracy along the border is on the rise, and thus the Federation is also stepping up ship production and patrols.

The Tholian Assembly is considered a sort of wild card region. While they have made moves against Federation holdings, the Tholians aggressively protect what they believe is theirs. Their diplomatic representatives claim that they are not interested in the affairs of other worlds, and that may be partially true. But the Tholians have a reputation for being sneaky and need to be watched like a hawk. The Orions with their vast -- and growing -- criminal syndicate are another power to keep a close watch on. Although they have no centralized militia and fleet, the Orions deal in many legal and illegal trades and thus have the financial resources to hire mercenaries at will. The Orions are known traffickers in slaves, narcotics and weapons.